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Your customer service is amazing! No wonder you came highly recommended

Akin Bam    August 5, 2017  

Great customer service.

F Ally    July 30, 2017  

I really loved using you guys for my first shopping. Everything was packaged so neat and clean. It made it so easy for me to just get home as a working class woman and just cook straight away! You definitely have me now as a customer! Thank you

Taibat Buhari    July 30, 2017  

The service at Simi is outstanding by any standard. This is the only place I go to shop for Naija food. I am not great at picking the best produce since I basically learned to cook Nigerian food from YouTube 😀. They always take the time to explain all the different ingredients and how to use them and they pick out the best yam for me and never more than I need.
If you are learning or experimenting or a seasoned cook, This place has everything you need and they try to get anything you ask for if they don't already have it.

Fabfun    June 30, 2017